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Just about every pool owner has had to deal with algae problems. Algae spores enter your pool through swimmer’s bodies or suits, rain, wind, dirt, and leaves.

There are several steps that can help prevent green water from algae blooms.

Algae Prevention Steps

  • Filtering and water circulation
  • Keep sanitizer levels in desired range 1 – 3 ppm
  • Shock the pool weekly
  • Backwash sand filters, clean cartridge filters
  • Keep skimmer and pump baskets clean
  • Brush pool surfaces and vacuum
  • Use algaecide regularly

Riverside Pools & Spas is your local BioGuard® Platnum Dealer.

Stop by Riverside Pools & Spas at 9509 River Road, Marcy NY and we will help you select the right product to fit your needs!

Algae All 60® For use in chlorinated or brominated pools. This non-foaming, non-staining product is perfect for pools with attached spas or fountains. Algae All 60®

Back Up® This is BioGuards® most popular algae product. It is high effective and it’s activity increases with increased temperature, exactly when you need it the most. It’s powerful surfactants and wetting agents allow it to penetrate into the tiny cracks and crevices for full coverage. Keeps you water clear and does not affect pH.Back Up®

Banish®This is a fast acting, non-staining, non-foaming algicide, works in 24 hours! Kills mustard, green, and black algae in both chlorine and bromine treated pools. This is a time saving product because you can shock while using banish® Banish®

Optimizer Plus® The perfect product for preventing algae while conditioning pool water making it soft, soothing, and sparkling like diamonds.Optimizer Plus®

Spot Kill® and Spot Kill® WP For use in vinyl, painted, fiberglass, or colored plaster surface pools. Fast acting black alggae killer that restores water clarity. Spot Kill WP is for white plaster pools only (do not use on any bleachable surfaces)Spot Kill

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