Pool Balancers

Water balance, what is that exactly?

  • pH
  • Total Alkalinity
  • Acid Demand
  • Alkali Demand
  • Hardness
  • Free Chlorine
  • Total Chlorine
  • Chlorine Stabilization
  • Mineral Balance

It is important to keep your pool’s water in chemical balance for a variety of reasons. Doing so will help prevent damage to your pool from corrosion, scaling, vinyl liner damage, and even insure swimmer comfort.

Test strips can help you keep things in check, but supplementing water testing done at Riverside Pools & Spas-Marcy NY with BioGuards® Alex System will easily insure you keep your water balanced. One quick water test and you will know everything you need add and how to do it.

Balnace products help with controling scale, preventing metallic stains, adjust the pH and total alkalinity, stabilize chlorine, and correct mineral imbalances.

Riverside Pools & Spas is your local BioGuard® Platnum Dealer.

Balance Pak® 100BioGuard® Balance Pak 100 is used to maintain total alkalinity which helps prevent changes to pH because of rain, bather load and other chemical applications. Raises total alkalinity, revents pH change, and prevents vilyl liner wrinkles due to low PH. Balance Pak® 100

Balance Pak® 200BioGuard® Balance Pak 200 Is user to raise the pH in pool water. Protects pool equipment from corrosion caused by low pH. Additionally it improves swimmer comfort.Balance Pak® 200

Balance Pak® 300BioGuard® Balance Pak 300 Raises calcium hardness of pool water. Helps protect pool surfaces and equipment from corrosion. Balance Pak® 300

Lo ‘N Slo®BioGuard® LoNSlo Is used to lower pH and total alkalinity, it is easy to measure and is a safer alternatine for use and storage than muriatic acid. Lo ‘N Slo®

Pool Magnet Plus®BioGuard® Pool Magnet Plus Helps prevent and removes some present staining of pool and equipment caused by iron, copper, and manganese in the pool water. Use along with Sparkle Up® to remove metals from pool water. Pool Magnet Plus®

Stabilizer 100BioGuard® Stabilizer 100 Is highly soluble and protects free chlorine levels from sunlight. By protecting free chlorine from the sun you use less. For use in outdoor chlorine treate pools. Stabilizer 100

Scale InhibitorBioGuard® Scale Inhibitor Avoid scale build up from calcium hardness with Scale Inhibitor. For use in both chlorine and brmine treated pools to prevent staining and scale build up on pool surfaces and equipment. Scale Inhibitor

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