Pool Cleaner Chemicals

A regular pool cleaning routine will keep your pool looking great all season long. Pool cleaning products from BioGuard® will help make the job easy and quick.
They are designed to help with scale and dirt build up on pool surfaces along with metal stain removal. Also for cleaning DE, sand, and cartdridge filters.

Riverside Pools & Spas is your local BioGuard® Platnum Dealer.

Stop by the store and our knowledge staff will help you select the right pool cleaning product for the job you have at hand.

Anti Foam Suitable for all pool types especially those with attached fountain or spa. Pools may foam for several reasons like algiside overdose, shampoo & soap residues, soft water, and household cleaning products. You can begin swimming right afte application. Anti Foam

Kleen It® This powerful filter cleaner works on cartridge, DE, and sand filters. Removes scale, rust, and dirt. Spray or soak application with a fresh citrus scent. Kleen It®

Off The Wall® Great product for removing scale, dirt, and stains on most pool, surfaces including vinyl, fiberglass,ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum and painted surfaces. Non abrassive and for use on all pool and spa surfaces. Off The Wall®

Strip Kwik® Is like shampoo for your pool filter. Removes grease and oils from all types of filters, great for cleaning cartridge filters and DE fingers. Strip Kwik®

Stow-Away® Is used so that you can store your pool cover wet without it sticking while cleaning and deodorizing it. Helps extend most pool covers life. Stow-Away®

Erase® Iron Stain RemoverErase-Iron-Stain-Remover Highly effective iron stain remover that is compatible with all pool types. Erase® Iron Stain Remover

Chem-Out®Chem-Out Eliminates excessive chlorine, bromine or hydrogen peroxide residual. Chem-Out® Dissolves instantly and Reduces pool downtime. It can be used to convert pools to the SoftSwim® (chlorine-free) system. Chem-Out®

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