Pool Oxidizers

Swimming Pool Oxidizers

Oxidizers are used to shock the pool and rid your pool of organic materials like sunscreen, body oils, and other organic materials that enter you pool.

Even if testing your pool shows the right amount of chlorine in your pool it may not be doing the job it is supposed to. Contaminates combine with chlorine and form chloramines which reduces chlorine’s effectiveness in killing bacteria and algae. Shocking your pool regularly will take care of this problem and keep your pool water sparking clear.

Riverside Pools and Spas in Marcy NY keeps BioGuard® products in stock for easy pool maintenance.

Bring in a water sample to the store at 9509 River Road, Marcy NY for a free complete water analysis and we will help you to select the products you need to keep your pool crystal clear.

Riverside Pools and Spas is your local Platinum Bioguard® Dealer.

BioGuard® Smart Shock® Smart Shock is a multi functional product that shocks, buffers, and contains blue alage killing crystals. You can start swimming 15 minutes after treatment! BioGuard® Smart Shock® is the prefered shock for the the BioGuard® 3-Step, and Once-A-Week 3-Step systems. BioGuard® Smart Shock®

Burn Out® 3 Burn Out® 3 is a granular chlorine shock with a new 57.8% active formulation. it comes in 1 lb bags for easy application. Burnout 3 quickly dissolves and destroys organic contaminants maintaining brilliantly clear water. Use Once A Week! Burn Out® 3

Burn Out® 35Burn Out® 35 is a soluble lithium based oxidizer that dissolves almost immediately and does not affect calcium hardness for all pool surfaces. Comes in 1 lb bags for easy handling. Use Burn Out® 35 if you have hard water. Burn Out® 35

Easy Shock & Swim® An excellant choice for all pool types espically Above Ground Pools that can be used with Nature2 and Frog Pool Systems. Easy Shock & Swim® is a multi-purpose product that shocks, clarifies, buffers, and provides flocculation for crystal clear pool water. You can swim in 15 minutes after treatment. Easy Shock & Swim®

BioGuard Oxysheen® This is a uniquely designed non-chlorine purifier that destroys organic contaminants. It’s intense action removes your pool of pee, sweat, sunscreen, pte dander, and more. 2 lb per 10,000 gallons of water destroys organic waste rapidly and allows swimmers to return to the pool in 15 minutes. BioGuard® Oxysheen®

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