Pool Sanitizers

Pool sanitizers keep your water clear and safe by killing bacteria and aid in controlling algae.

A well planned pool care program will keep your pool sparkling clear and a joy to swim in all season long.

Chlorinating products are the most commonly used sanitation method for both above ground and in ground swimming pools. They come in stabilized and unstabilized forms.

Which one is right for you?

Stop in with a water sample and we will design a free pool care program that fits your needs based on your pool and filtration system.  Our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions and help you select the right pool care system for you. 

We make pool maintenance easy so you can spend more time enjoying it! 

Riverside Pools and Spas is your local Platinum Bioguard® Dealer.

SilkGuard® Tabs and SilkGuard® SticksSilk Sticks & Tabs Features SilkGuard® a unique additive that protects pool components against corrosion and staining. Additionally they contain SunSheild® which protects chlorine levels against chlorine destroying UV rays from the sun, so you can use less. SilkGuard® Tabs & SilkGuard® Sticks

Your pool’s water will remain crystal clear and feel soft and smooth. Silk Tabs® and Silk Sticks® kills bacteria and controls alage and are part of the BioGuard Maintain Category. Used with the BioGuard® 3- step and Once-A-Week 3-Step systems.

Silk Smart Sticks® This SMART pool sanitizer lasts about twice as long as other ordinary pool chlorinating sticks and tabs. The erosion rate slows down when you turn your pool’s pump off so you will enjoy a longer life product for easy use in your skimmer. Silk Smart Sticks® features SilkGuard® which makes your water feel smooth and soft while protecting pool surfaces from scaling, corrosion and metal staining. Additionally they also containing SunSheild® to protect chlorine from sunlight. Silk Smart Sticks® are a longer lasting pool sanitizer that controls algae and kills bacteria. They are a Once-A-Week-3-Step System for Maintenance. Silk Smart Sticks®

Power Chlor® Power Chlor® is easy to use and is both a sanitizer and shock product. It can be added by skimmer or directly into your pool without pre-dissolving. Power Chlor® does it all, it sanitizes, shocks, clarifies, and has algicide. It contains SunSheild® to protect chlorine from sunlight. Power Chlor’s® compound action kills bacteria & algae, clears the water, and Kills algae. Power Chlor™

BioGuard® Basic Tabs BioGuard® Basic Tabs are standard no-frills 3 inch chlorine tablets. These concentrated long lasting tabs are economical and will keep you water clean when applied as directed. 3″ white compressed trichlor tablets, Stabilized chlorinating agent, Use with a Floater, skimmer or chlorinator. Can be used with the3-Step BioGuard® Care System. BioGuard® Basic Tabs

Brominating TabletsBrominating Tablets are a non-chlorine sanitizer for both indoor and outdoor pools. They work well as a sanitizer over a broad PH range and produce non irritating Amines. Brominating Tabs are ideal for indoor pools because they cause less odors than chlorine products. Non-chlorine sanitizer that kills bacteria and algae. Brominating Tablets

Super SolubleSuper Soluble is a quick dissolving, non residue, stabilized chlorinating product that is perfect for sanitizing small, above ground and inground vinyl lined pools. It contains SunShield® to protect chlorine against sunlight. It sanitizes without changing PH balance and restores water clarity. Super Soluble Chlorinating Granules

Mineral SpringsMineral SpringsBioGuard’s Mineral Springs® Saline Pool Care System utilizes a chlorine generator and easy to apply minerals. The system has two easy steps and is ideal for any size pool of any material. It is a great approach to clean claer pool water for those who travel or take frequent vacations. Mineral Springs System

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