Pool Winterization

There are two main reasons to winterize a pool. 1st it is to protect it from freezing water, and 2nd to keep it as clean as possible and prevent algae. If you close your pool clean you save a lot of work when you open it for the summer.

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Pool Winterization Steps

  • Balance your water chemistry
  • Add Algaicide
  • Blow water from the lines
  • Seal your skimmer with a Gizzmo
  • Apply a pool cover to keep out debris
  • Drain water from filter equipment and ready for storage

Riverside Pools and Spas is your local Platinum Bioguard® Dealer.

Arctic Blue® Algae Protector Prevents all types of algae in all pool types during the off season. For use in chlorinated and brominated pools. Keeps your pool clear for opening. Arctic Blue® Algae Protector

Arctic Blue® Shock This multi purpose product is an oxidizer, buffer, clarifier, and flocculant. It is an effective winter shock to clarify and makes the perfect 1st step in pool winterazation. Arctic Blue® Shock

Arctic Blue® Winter Kits Comes with $8.00 in BioGuard® product coupons. This pool winterization kit provide superior winterization protection. Kit comes in two sizes. The 1st kit treat 12,000 gal of pool water and the 2nd kit treat 24,000 gal of water. Open your pool for the summer season by winterizing with Arctic Blue® Winter Kits

Silk Winter Floater Silk Winter Floater is for use in white plaster pool only and should be used as a supplemental source of sanitizer only for winterization purposes Winter Algicide

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