Spas or Hot Tubs

Today, the terms “Spa” and “Hot Tub” are used interchangeably. People looking to purchase a spa face choices from over 1400 models offered by more than a hundred manufacturers.  At Riverside Pools & Spas in Marcy NY, we understand that all you want is a product that is high quality, reliable, at a price that fits your budget.

We carry spas by Durasport® Spas that are sure to fit your budget and preferences.

Durasport® Spas is known as the leader in rotational molded spas delivering innovative high quality value oriented spas that are designed to last a lifetime.

Stop in and talk with one of our staff and they will be glad to
help you find the perfect spa for you and your family.


G-2 Diamond Plus 36-Jet Spas

G-2 Diamond 28 Jet Spas 

Cyprus Spa 

R-18 Portable Spa 

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